Post-Extraction Care Instructions

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Following tooth extraction, the formation of a blood clot is necessary to both halt bleeding and jump-start the healing process. For this reason, we recommend biting down on a gauze pad for 30 minutes post-procedure. If persistent bleeding or oozing continues, place a new gauze pad in your mouth and bite down firmly for another 30 minutes. This may need to be repeated several times.

Once the blood clot forms, avoid disturbing or dislodging it, as it plays a crucial role in the healing process. Do not rinse vigorously, use straws, smoke, or brush teeth within 24 hours after the surgery, as these actions can disrupt the clot and impede healing. Additionally, limit vigorous physical activity for the next 24 hours to avoid increasing blood pressure, which may lead to further bleeding from the extraction site.

Post-extraction, it is normal to feel some pain and notice some swelling. Applying an ice pack or an unopened bag of frozen peas or corn to the area can help minimize swelling. Take prescribed pain medications as directed. Swelling typically subsides after 48 hours.

Follow the prescribed pain medication regimen. If the pain remains unmanaged by the prescribed medication, please call our office. If antibiotics are prescribed, continue their use until finished unless specifically advised otherwise by your surgeon. Ensure adequate fluid intake and eat nourishing soft food on the day of extraction. You may return to your regular diet as soon as it feels comfortable to do so.

Resume your typical dental routine, including brushing and flossing, 24 hours post-procedure. This will aid in healing and maintaining oral cleanliness.

After a few days, you should feel significantly better and can gradually return to your regular activities. If you experience heavy bleeding, severe pain, persistent swelling, or have an adverse reaction to the medication, reach out to our office immediately.

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